5 Secrets to a Successful Lead Generation Game Plan

Lead generation has quickly become an essential ingredient in successful content marketing. It is basically the process of capturing contact information, such as email address and names of your visitors and turning them into potential customers by communicating with them further through regular email newsletters.

Currently, email marketing has come neck to neck with social media marketing as a powerful avenue to sell and promote products and services online. This is why lead generation should be a priority for your business. But how do you do that exactly? Here are some tips for creating a successful lead generation strategy.

Experiment with lead magnets 

First of all, lead magnets are free items that you give away in exchange for your visitor’s email address and/or first name. Generally, it should be something that will be deemed valuable by your audience. This could be an instant 10 per cent discount for first-time buyers or members or the promise of a free eBook if they sign up to receive your weekly newsletter.

Introduce exit intent pop-ups

Exit intent pop-ups are a brilliant hack to visitors who are just about to leave your website. It is a great way to keep them in your site, reduce bounce rate, redirect traffic to a different landing page, promote your hottest offers, encourage newsletter subscription, suggest them to request for a free quotation, generate more conversion and ask for their email address one more time.

Make campaigns and call-to-actions mobile-friendly

The future is mobile and that is a fact. If your business website is not yet optimized for mobile devices, this is hurting your online traffic and revenue big time. Other than Google prioritizes mobile-ready websites in online searches, experts have found that the majority of online users have been found to spend time more on their smartphones versus desktop, with predictions of reaching 11.5 billion mobile-connected devices by 2019.

Ask customers to take online surveys
Encouraging your visitors to take an online survey about your service, product, or their experience on your site is a good strategy to get feedback and ratings, which you can use as notes for further improvement. It shows your potential customers that their opinions do matter and that they are actually being heard or taken note of. In this scenario, the customer service tool doubles as a lead generation tool as well, because you can request for their email address for follow up enquiries.
A few tips if you want to use an online survey:
  • Keep your online survey short and sweet, so it does not become time-consuming or annoying for the customer.
  • It is recommended to limit the survey to 10 items maximum.
  • The questions should be multiple choice or answerable by yes or no.
  • You can also ask for star ratings instead.

Use interactive content 

Apart from being a creative lead generation tool, interactive content is also proven to be a fresh and more engaging type of content for your target audience. Excellent examples of these include the creation of an online calculator or a fun Facebook quiz that is specifically customised for your brand or business.

These types of lead-generating content have a higher likelihood of being shared and going viral eventually, exposing your brand to a larger audience and filling your MailChimp or Klaviyo accounts with more email addresses possible. You can also create several online quizzes or calculators with variations for each of your product, service, or target niche.\

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