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7 Tips To Get Started With Interactive Content

In this guide, you will learn how to get started with interactive content. There are many ways to use interactive content in different branches and companies. This guide will help you in the right direction regarding how to prepare yourself and getting started with interactive content.

What is interactive content?

With interactive content, your visitors can engage with the content instead of passively observing a video or a page. The visitors can actively participate in the content which creates a personal experience for the user. This will guarantee that the content becomes more memorable to them.

How does interactive content generate leads?

With interactive content, you can quickly generate contact information from your visitors, while they are getting a tailored answer directly to them. For example, imagine a simple personality quiz “What kind of employee are you?” The user answers a couple of fun and appealing questions before seeing the result, which is 1 of 6 possible employee types.

The content asks for the users’ name and email address before showing the result. By only asking two-three pieces of contact information it guarantees that the user is willing to deliver the contact information instead of using a seven-field lead form.


Tip 1: Pick the right interactive content

There are many different types of interactive content, so it can be hard to choose which one to try. It’s a good idea to start off with a simple and easy calculator, quiz or product recommendation. Make sure to choose the right content for your needs and purpose.

Tip 2: Get your material ready for creation

When you figured out which content to choose, you need to do your homework before jumping into it. It’s important that you have your elements such as questions, texts, and pictures ready. This way you decrease the time of the process and can start generating leads much faster.

Tip 3: Keep it short and precise

People tend to have a short concentration time before becoming distracted. Try therefore to keep the content short, so it only takes a couple of minutes to finish. If you make it to long, you will lose your visitors attention, and then lose a lead which is a potential sale.

Tip 4: Promote your content to the right audience

Whether you choose to promote your interactive content on social media or another platform, make sure to market the content to the right audience. Before promoting it, you must account for your buyer persona, which is a detailed description of your target customer. This will assure that you will generate leads who are much likely to buy your product.

Tip 5: Be creative and visual

Increase the visual experience with funny texts and clear photos. People love images because it’s an eyecatcher and tells a thousand words. So, if you can improve the user experience by adding a couple of relevant photos, do it.

Tip 6: Collect the right information

As mentioned before, it’s important to collect the right information instead of collecting information that is irrelevant for you. You might as well know the feeling of handing over a ton of information in fear of being violated. By only asking for name and email or phone number, the visitors are very much more likely to apply to the form.

Tip 7: Integrate with your favorite tools

Stay integrated with all your favorite tools like Hubspot, Mailchimp, Salesforce etc. These integrations make a smooth and easy flow. When a user submits your interactive content, they’ll receive information about their choices right away. Personalize your emails by sending different emails targeted especially to each group’s interest.

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