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The importance of lead generation

For every business that works to generate a profit, a critical aim is to increase sales and turnover year on year. One of the joint responsibilities of the marketing and sales departments is to highlight potential new business leads and to convert these prospective customers into paying customers. A ‘lead’ is someone who has shown […]

Interactive content – what, why and how

Interactive content, quite simply, does what it says on the tin. As opposed to static content, such as webpages, blogs and images, interactive content is that which requires the viewer’s active participation and engagement. Rather than simply reading text or appreciating a visual, interactive content examples include those that give their audience real-time results that […]

The Value Of Video For Lead Generation

From Facebook quizzes to interactive calculators, it’s been proven that interactive content can help with lead generation through online channels. Another accepted method of increasing your lead count is video content, and this blog will tell you why. Which are the best videos for you? Naturally, the type of videos you produce for your online […]

LeadDoubler academy

We’re proud to announce that we’ve released LeadDoubler academy. On our academy you can learn how to setup and launch your own online calculators in minutes. All courses are free – extremely fast to complete and gives you exactly what you need. Good luck: leaddoubleracademy.usefedora.com