Key Components To Look Out For When Building A Content Marketing Strategy That Works

Key Components To Look Out For When Building A Content Marketing Strategy That Works

Why Content Marketing?

A recent study has shown that content marketing generates about three times more leads, compared with outbound marketing. It also costs about 62% less, which is why it is considered the best digital marketing asset today. However, successful content marketing strategies don’t happen by accident or develop overnight. They require thorough planning, time, focus and attention in order to work.

If you’re jumping on the bandwagon and want to give your business a more competitive edge, we have outlined the key essentials of content marketing strategies that drive optimal success.

• Purpose and goals

If you are about to build a new content marketing strategy, do not waste your company’s time and resources on areas that are not aligned with what you want to achieve. Check on the key factors where your business has been struggling the most such as:

1. Lead generation
2. Audience engagement
3. Website traffic
4. Increasing your marketing ROI
5. Customer retention and loyalty
6. Brand awareness

After determining your purpose, start outlining the goals you expect your content to accomplish. This may include:

1. Sales goals
2. Business growth goals
3. Cost-savings goals

• Audience

Most people do not find any value in broad-reaching content that aims to be all things for everybody. Whilst it is only right to create a content that has universal appeal, do not forget that it will be more successful when it is targeted to serve a specific audience.

Once you have identified your core viewers, you will need to create a clear picture of who they are so you and your team can get to know them as real people. Validated commonalities can help you understand how certain ideas, content formats and approaches to the subject matter actually work and vary from one another.

• Data and market research

Historical data such as website traffic demographics, sales data, surveys, studies or customer feedback are all basis of customer insight and understanding. This includes primary research and third-party data as well.

Your content strategy should also include researching your competitors. Whilst we do not recommend spending too much time analysing this information, getting to know your competitors can help you find opportunities to differentiate yourself and rectify where your market may be underserved.

• Mission

After identifying your purpose and goals, as well as acknowledging your audience, it’s important to develop a content marketing mission statement. This should declare your company’s unique content vision, the value your content provides, the specific audience it benefits and the priorities and principles it upholds.

• Strong brand image

When creating a strong brand image that will have a positive reaction with your target audience, remember that your story needs to address the topics they value and the problems they face. You may also consider utilising the following:

1. Brand name
2. Hashtag
3. Tagline
4. Website design

• Content promotion and distribution channels

Lastly, how you distribute your content to your audience impacts your marketing success. Contrary to what everybody thinks, you don’t have to be everywhere. What’s important is for you to figure out the most effective distribution channels to get your contents delivered to your readers and customers. This may include:

1. Direct emails
2. Social media sharing
3. Advertising
4. Guest Posting

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Surprisingly Simple Lead Generation Strategies

The market is an ever changing environment. What people want today may change in just a few days. Trends and fads pass by like a breeze. This is why marketers should be able to quickly change and adapt to what their target consumers want, what they are actively searching, and how they are purchasing our services and products. To do this, sellers must be able to understand the behavior and patterns of their target market.

Lead generation is a top priority. Effective lead generation engines maintain sales even when you are not monitoring them. Even with this tool, only one out of ten sellers feel that their lead generation is ineffective.

Here are some tips to get you started with your lead generation:

Email Marketing

Start by knowing who your potential customers and clients are by performing an outreach. After this, make a list aiming for the prospects in your field, then personally contact them through email to begin an initial conversation.
It is important to know if what you are offering your prospects is what they are looking for. This provides a great chance to research your target client comprehensively and email them personally. Email marketing is a great opportunity for lead generation be it by sending to email lists or personal emails. Other than using email to spark a conversation, it can also be an effective tool to follow up on your clients. Keeping in contact is of the utmost importance so you can easily reach your clients when they decide to purchase.

Blog Regularly

Regular blogging is one of the best ways to maintain your website’s trendiness. It also helps in increasing visibility on Google search. It also helps in fostering leads, making people trust the brand and develop credibility. Lead volume is doubled every month when companies blog at lease six to eight times as per Benchmark reports from HubSpot. This data shows how effective blogging is, for lead generation. A distinguished call-to-action, as well as including links to different pages inside the copy of the post in your website must be ensured.

Keep Posting on Social Media

Constant and consistent posting on social media aids in visibility improvement. It also increases the score on your LinkedIn’s Social Selling Index and other sites with the same nature. Aim to attract followers who will be loyal to your brand. Keep in close communication with your clients so you can really get to know your clients. To be able to generate leads, you have to connect and communicate with other people.


Social and digital marketing are good, but actual personal contact will always have more impact. Trust is easier to develop when your having a one-on-one conversation. Following up personally provides the chance to know more about your prospective clients and also be able to connect with them. Your clients will most probably go to you when they need something because they know that they can trust you.

Plan the Work and Work to Achieve It

Planning is always important. Start with making a marketing plan,. Set objectives on how you are going to contact prospects. You can use email, social media, or whatever means that can be utilised that will be more efficient and effective.
Having a solid plan helps you to be prepared especially when you are calling clients out of nowhere to make new prospects. Take time to know your prospects. Be sure to have planned beforehand when calling or sending an email or connecting via social media.

Provide a Great Offer

Nothing is sweeter than getting that “yes” from your clients. Marketers should always plan to get their prospects to say “yes” to whatever they are offering. With our understanding of human nature, people are more attracted to offers that are “exclusive” or “limited”. Marketers must present their product or service in such a way that prospective clients cannot resist. Offers such as free trials, sales promotions, downloads, etc., increases the value (or at least the perception of it) of your offer.

Tell Them A Story

Nothing attracts prospective clients to your product or service as well as a good success story. Send your clients emails or links to success stories related to your product. Be sure to provide the numbers and proof.

Don’t Be Afraid To Get Personal

Though it is always easier to use email or social media to contact prospective clients, adding that personal touch still proves as an effective tool. Having a real face-to-face conversation gives that sense of importance to clients.

Call to Action

Be sure to provide your clients with clear instructions of what to do. If they do not know what to do next when they open your website, more often than not, your clients won’t do anything.

Don’t Give Up

Just keep pushing on! When you’ve built momentum, don’t make the mistake of slowing down your lead generation. Keep creating new leads so you can take care of your business and not waste all your efforts.LeadDoubler offers easy and effective interactive content to ensure you are able to convert website visitors into potential client leads. Feel free to send us an e-mail at or give us a call on 0045 61 71 11 03 for more information about our services.


5 Secrets to a Successful Lead Generation Game Plan

Lead generation has quickly become an essential ingredient in successful content marketing. It is basically the process of capturing contact information, such as email address and names of your visitors and turning them into potential customers by communicating with them further through regular email newsletters.

Currently, email marketing has come neck to neck with social media marketing as a powerful avenue to sell and promote products and services online. This is why lead generation should be a priority for your business. But how do you do that exactly? Here are some tips for creating a successful lead generation strategy.

Experiment with lead magnets 

First of all, lead magnets are free items that you give away in exchange for your visitor’s email address and/or first name. Generally, it should be something that will be deemed valuable by your audience. This could be an instant 10 per cent discount for first-time buyers or members or the promise of a free eBook if they sign up to receive your weekly newsletter.

Introduce exit intent pop-ups

Exit intent pop-ups are a brilliant hack to visitors who are just about to leave your website. It is a great way to keep them in your site, reduce bounce rate, redirect traffic to a different landing page, promote your hottest offers, encourage newsletter subscription, suggest them to request for a free quotation, generate more conversion and ask for their email address one more time.

Make campaigns and call-to-actions mobile-friendly

The future is mobile and that is a fact. If your business website is not yet optimized for mobile devices, this is hurting your online traffic and revenue big time. Other than Google prioritizes mobile-ready websites in online searches, experts have found that the majority of online users have been found to spend time more on their smartphones versus desktop, with predictions of reaching 11.5 billion mobile-connected devices by 2019.

Ask customers to take online surveys
Encouraging your visitors to take an online survey about your service, product, or their experience on your site is a good strategy to get feedback and ratings, which you can use as notes for further improvement. It shows your potential customers that their opinions do matter and that they are actually being heard or taken note of. In this scenario, the customer service tool doubles as a lead generation tool as well, because you can request for their email address for follow up enquiries.
A few tips if you want to use an online survey:
  • Keep your online survey short and sweet, so it does not become time-consuming or annoying for the customer.
  • It is recommended to limit the survey to 10 items maximum.
  • The questions should be multiple choice or answerable by yes or no.
  • You can also ask for star ratings instead.

Use interactive content 

Apart from being a creative lead generation tool, interactive content is also proven to be a fresh and more engaging type of content for your target audience. Excellent examples of these include the creation of an online calculator or a fun Facebook quiz that is specifically customised for your brand or business.

These types of lead-generating content have a higher likelihood of being shared and going viral eventually, exposing your brand to a larger audience and filling your MailChimp or Klaviyo accounts with more email addresses possible. You can also create several online quizzes or calculators with variations for each of your product, service, or target niche.\

LeadDoubler offers easy and effective interactive content to ensure you are able to convert website visitors into potential client leads. Start your free trial today.  Send us an e-mail at or give us a call on 0045 61 71 11 03 for more details.

Top Tips for Creating an Effective Survey

Top Tips for Creating an Effective Survey

Whilst there are many types of online marketing strategies available today, the use of interactive content continues to become more popular as customers still prefer to click on interesting, informative pieces that would make them feel more engaged.

One of the most commonly used types of interactive content is a survey as it is just the perfect option for marketers to begin a content strategy with or to update their content plan with fresher, smarter ideas. By using a survey, the responses you will be getting from your audience will provide you with the insights into their challenges, pain points and needs whilst supplying them the chance to participate in a two-way dialogue that makes them feel more involved in your brand. To simplify, a survey will feed your content whilst helping you to better understand your audience.

Crafting an effective survey is not meant to be about putting one together with no branding, throwing any questions you just feel like or disregarding its length. A clear and concise survey is what you should be aiming for which will not leave your audience with lengthy, vague, generic-looking output that doesn’t inspire any kind of effort at all. Read on to find out the top tips that can help you craft an effective survey that will surely improve your prospects’ and customers’ experience.

Know your audience

In order to offer your customers and prospects the right kind of product for them, as well as a whole personalised experience, it is important that you obtain specific results by paying attention to who your audience is. You can do this by segmenting your customers into groups based on demographics, purchase history, channel and even whom they work with.

Make it obvious

Some people are not very fond of surveys. They tend to speed read, misread and misconstrue meaning. To make sure that you will be getting accurate results despite this, use clear and concise language for your questions, proofread and review all of them thoroughly until you’re sure enough you are laying them out in the simplest, clearest form as possible.

Keep it short

Remember that the shorter your questions are, the better. Avoid asking repetitive questions and don’t overload your leads with too many options. For you to entice your lead to complete your survey, keep in mind to make your questions simple, easy to read and uncomplicated.

Limit the use of matrix questions

If you don’t want to gather inaccurate results refrain from offering too many choices for possible answers as this can cause decision paralysis. When this happens, your respondents are more likely to skip if they can or click on anything just to move forward.

Avoid asking leading questions

Your questions might be easily dismissed if your prospects find them way too leading. Keep your initial questions open and you can just offer a detailed secondary question which focuses on the answers you really wanted to get.

Make the survey accessible on all channels

After making a purchase, some of your customers wouldn’t have the time to sit down and fill out a survey so try to find a way to ask for their email address where it can be sent for them to fill it out at their own leisure. Moreover, ensure that your survey will be scalable so that it can be easily accessed and easy to read for all kinds of devices.

If you are looking for a fast and accessible platform that can help you create your smart ideas into powerful interactive content, choose LeadDoubler now. We are committed to empowering marketers to create and publish interactive, dynamic content even without the need for programming skills. Ready for more? Click here to get started.
How To Create An Impactful Content That Will Convert Your Audience Right Away

How To Create An Impactful Content That Will Convert Your Audience Right Away

Most businesses heavily rely on effective content marketing strategies these days as they are a great way to get people talking about a company’s products, services and brand. If you are a marketer looking for better ideas, content marketing is also the perfect solution to engage your customers and even create a community that will have a huge positive impact on sales, conversion, promotion, and nearly everything else favourable for your company.

What are the elements of an impactful content?

  • It targets your preferred audience
  • It addresses your audience’s needs
  • It provides value
  • It establishes trust
  • It engages your audience
  • It aligns with your marketing goal
  • It communicates clearly and effectively
The only problem is, content strategies tend to fall on deaf ears sometimes even when created with a team’s best efforts just because it is not specifically suitable for the business. Having readers leave prematurely without even exploring your site any further, much less being converted into actual customers is such a frustrating situation. For you to avoid this, here we have prepared a short guide that can help you create an impactful content that will instantly convert your audience.Explain what benefits your readers will get
Most people nowadays tend to always run on a hectic schedule and are constantly fed with an endless stream of information. That said, one way of having your content more actionable and have a strong appeal to your audience is by clearly stating what they will learn from your post. Simply put, create a content that will explicitly state what your readers will walk away with after reading your piece and how it will potentially impact their lives moving forward.Provide images
Images can provide you with a wide range of benefits. Apart from the fact that many individuals simply enjoy looking at pictures, this includes allowing your readers to digest information without having to read through a rather lengthy post. Additionally, having images as part of your content can serve as an effective way to bridge information together.Get your audience involved
To create an impactful content, aim for your audience to get involved and not just remain bystanders. That said, it is always a good idea to incorporate interactive strategies such as quizzes, survey, assessments and more to provide your readers with a really interesting experience and have them feel like they really learned something from getting involved.Provide examples
When creating content, it is inevitable for your readers to sometimes have doubts or confusion thus, providing examples is a good solution to mitigate the risk from this. Include a few, clear instances that start with a very strong phrase ‘for example’, or provide links to resources that cover the topic in better detail.

Show statistics
Whilst it is true that most of your readers would prefer to see fewer numbers on your content, throwing some stats on your piece can help back up any arguments. Thoroughly search for a relevant statistic and incorporate it into your content via graphs or charts and you will prove a strong point.

If you are seeking a reliable platform that will help you create and publish powerful and dynamic interactive content, look no more and try LeadDoubler now. We empower marketers to create engaging interactive content such as contests, quizzes, calculators, assessments and more even without the need for programming skills! Start your own free online demo today or schedule a customised demo from one of our small business experts. Questions? Give us a call on +45 9386 6171 to find out more.