7 Types of Interactive Content

Gone are the days when website contents were just pure, plain text. Nowadays, people are more fascinated with online stuff that requires their immediate response or those that make them feel involved. Thus, the birth of interactive contents.

Interactive content is the type of web content that requires the users’ or participants’ active engagement instead of just simply watching or reading. Through engaging in the post or posts, the participants receive real-time, hyper-relevant results that they actually care about or highly interest them. Interactive content helps facilitate better interaction between the author or content creator and his/her audience.

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Leads for $0,2 a piece – what we have learned from 2017

New years is always a brilliant time to look back at the bygone year and learn from your successes and mistakes. At LeadDoubler 2017 taught us that with Facebook we can now generate qualified leads for less than $0,2 USD a piece with our interactive concept.

Facebook has proven explosive as a leadgenerator when we combine it with interactive tests and quizzes that engage just the right users.

Because Facebook rewards engaging content the click-price drops dramatically when you launch engaging interactive content that users share. We have seen this concept massively outperform traditional static making it extremely cheap to generate leads.

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3 reasons your newsletter signups are not converting to customers

The internet is booming with marketing blogs that will give you hundreds of ways to get potential customers to sign up to your newsletter. And as your list is steadily growing you will expect sales to start ticking in. But as month pass and your signups still are not buying, you want to seriously ask yourself why your newsletter signups are not converting to buying customers.

At LeadDoubler we see customers with this problem and the frustrations following are very real. Most of the time they are smaller businesses that have gotten into email marketing expecting growth. Usually because some expert told them that all they needed was to grow their list and sales would skyrocket.

In reality maintaining a newsletter is hard and consistent work. And people often overlook the fact that sending out interesting emails with useful content related to their product is not going to drive sales by itself.

In this blogpost we give you some of our daily insights to the 3 reasons why some email marketeers fail at converting signups to customers.

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The 7 worst mistakes when building an interactive calculator

Top 7 marketing mistakes when building an interactive calculator

An interactive calculator can be an extremely effective lead magnet when done right. Calculators are great for educating your audience as well as converting leads. But done wrong it can be a complete waste of time. We bring you the top 7 marketing mistakes when building an interactive calculator and how to fix them.

The first mistake usually takes people by surprise…

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