Top Tips for Creating an Effective Survey

Whilst there are many types of online marketing strategies available today, the use of interactive content continues to become more popular as customers still prefer to click on interesting, informative pieces that would make them feel more engaged.

One of the most commonly used types of interactive content is a survey as it is just the perfect option for marketers to begin a content strategy with or to update their content plan with fresher, smarter ideas. By using a survey, the responses you will be getting from your audience will provide you with the insights into their challenges, pain points and needs whilst supplying them the chance to participate in a two-way dialogue that makes them feel more involved in your brand. To simplify, a survey will feed your content whilst helping you to better understand your audience.

Crafting an effective survey is not meant to be about putting one together with no branding, throwing any questions you just feel like or disregarding its length. A clear and concise survey is what you should be aiming for which will not leave your audience with lengthy, vague, generic-looking output that doesn’t inspire any kind of effort at all. Read on to find out the top tips that can help you craft an effective survey that will surely improve your prospects’ and customers’ experience.

Know your audience

In order to offer your customers and prospects the right kind of product for them, as well as a whole personalised experience, it is important that you obtain specific results by paying attention to who your audience is. You can do this by segmenting your customers into groups based on demographics, purchase history, channel and even whom they work with.

Make it obvious

Some people are not very fond of surveys. They tend to speed read, misread and misconstrue meaning. To make sure that you will be getting accurate results despite this, use clear and concise language for your questions, proofread and review all of them thoroughly until you’re sure enough you are laying them out in the simplest, clearest form as possible.

Keep it short

Remember that the shorter your questions are, the better. Avoid asking repetitive questions and don’t overload your leads with too many options. For you to entice your lead to complete your survey, keep in mind to make your questions simple, easy to read and uncomplicated.

Limit the use of matrix questions

If you don’t want to gather inaccurate results refrain from offering too many choices for possible answers as this can cause decision paralysis. When this happens, your respondents are more likely to skip if they can or click on anything just to move forward.

Avoid asking leading questions

Your questions might be easily dismissed if your prospects find them way too leading. Keep your initial questions open and you can just offer a detailed secondary question which focuses on the answers you really wanted to get.

Make the survey accessible on all channels

After making a purchase, some of your customers wouldn’t have the time to sit down and fill out a survey so try to find a way to ask for their email address where it can be sent for them to fill it out at their own leisure. Moreover, ensure that your survey will be scalable so that it can be easily accessed and easy to read for all kinds of devices.

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How To Create An Impactful Content That Will Convert Your Audience Right Away

Most businesses heavily rely on effective content marketing strategies these days as they are a great way to get people talking about a company’s products, services and brand. If you are a marketer looking for better ideas, content marketing is also the perfect solution to engage your customers and even create a community that will have a huge positive impact on sales, conversion, promotion, and nearly everything else favourable for your company.

What are the elements of an impactful content?

  • It targets your preferred audience
  • It addresses your audience’s needs
  • It provides value
  • It establishes trust
  • It engages your audience
  • It aligns with your marketing goal
  • It communicates clearly and effectively
The only problem is, content strategies tend to fall on deaf ears sometimes even when created with a team’s best efforts just because it is not specifically suitable for the business. Having readers leave prematurely without even exploring your site any further, much less being converted into actual customers is such a frustrating situation. For you to avoid this, here we have prepared a short guide that can help you create an impactful content that will instantly convert your audience.Explain what benefits your readers will get
Most people nowadays tend to always run on a hectic schedule and are constantly fed with an endless stream of information. That said, one way of having your content more actionable and have a strong appeal to your audience is by clearly stating what they will learn from your post. Simply put, create a content that will explicitly state what your readers will walk away with after reading your piece and how it will potentially impact their lives moving forward.

Provide images
Images can provide you with a wide range of benefits. Apart from the fact that many individuals simply enjoy looking at pictures, this includes allowing your readers to digest information without having to read through a rather lengthy post. Additionally, having images as part of your content can serve as an effective way to bridge information together.

Get your audience involved
To create an impactful content, aim for your audience to get involved and not just remain bystanders. That said, it is always a good idea to incorporate interactive strategies such as quizzes, survey, assessments and more to provide your readers with a really interesting experience and have them feel like they really learned something from getting involved.

Provide examples
When creating content, it is inevitable for your readers to sometimes have doubts or confusion thus, providing examples is a good solution to mitigate the risk from this. Include a few, clear instances that start with a very strong phrase ‘for example’, or provide links to resources that cover the topic in better detail.

Show statistics
Whilst it is true that most of your readers would prefer to see fewer numbers on your content, throwing some stats on your piece can help back up any arguments. Thoroughly search for a relevant statistic and incorporate it into your content via graphs or charts and you will prove a strong point.

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Steps to Create Successful Interactive Content

Steps to Create Successful Interactive Content

Apart from lead generation, content marketers need to step up their games by creating more engaging experiences that convert visitors every time. In an increasingly conscious global market today, it can be quite difficult to reel in prospective customers with just a few brief paragraphs. One way to surpass this is by making use of interactive content.

Compared with video, print, and audio content, interactive content usually fit into a more broader engagement or sales enablement strategy. A huge percentage of marketers believe that interactive content is also the best way for lead generation as it could generate two times more conversions than that of passive content.

Here are the steps in creating successful interactive content that will result in an increase in sales:

1. Plan your goal and strategy
The first step you have to take is to ideate. It is important to prioritise what you are looking to get out of an interactive content before you get into the specifics of creating it. Compared with a static content, interactive assets will need more strategic thinking in advance such as laying out an overall goal for the piece and ensuring that you know what you want the specific results to be as well as the next steps you have to take from them. Your objectives will help shape the whole content experience.

2. Decide on your content type and theme
Choose the best option for your brand by learning the types of interactive content available. Selecting the specific type and theme of your interactive content will be a lot easier when you have an overall goal. If you find yourself stuck and unable to decide what type of interactive content to use, creating a poll might help in figuring out what your audience like and dislike.

3. Aim for a remarkable content
Whether you are opting for a quiz, assessment or an interactive calculator, keep it in mind that your content needs to be remarkable and go beyond the standard. To execute this, consider whether your interactive piece is compelling, well-written, properly edited and provides a useful takeaway. A successful interactive content needs some serious effort and has to be genuinely useful. Watch out for interactive content statistics to keep track of your strategies and to know how your interactive marketing content plan is working for you.

5. Connect to your marketing platform
You can obtain a new level of personalisation available to customise your follow-ups with leads when you connect your marketing platform to your interactive content. Simply add a specific marketing program for the content you create in your content marketing platform. You have the capacity to direct and use the information you collected in any way you want within that campaign. By doing this, you will be able to enhance the lead scoring in your marketing platform.

6. Create
For the final step, do some marketing by creating a plan to introduce your interactive piece as part of your larger marketing efforts. This does not have be an immense creative endeavour, minimal interactive content can still have a major impact. As you get used to the medium, you can improvise and optimise by moving forward with new and innovative ways to interactively market through content.

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How Interactive Calculators Boost Your Marketing Strategy

How Interactive Calculators Boost Your Marketing Strategy

Marketing experts are turning to the use of interactive contents for a successful lead generation as it is a great way to engage potential customers with quality experiences that capture insights and provide useful information. The main objective of interactive content is to encourage the investment of time, allowing marketers to reward their prospects with hyper relevant results.

This is why interactive content has been called the “future of content marketing,” because it is the perfect way for marketers to create engaging experiences that convert visitors every time. Moreover interactive content is not only a good way to educate potential customers and generate more page views but is also preferred by consumers as it allows them to dive in, interact, have fun and gain insight without feeling like they are being sold to.

A calculator is a popular type of interactive content for marketers. It allows marketers to dive deeper into their audience’s needs, collecting information to build accurate buyer personas.


The use of calculators is one way to boost marketing strategy by engaging the users to input data that helps marketers to better understand prospective consumers and offers the chance to create highly-specific content that appeals to each customer group. A calculator follows a set formula and uses back-end logic to generate a unique result based on the user’s data.

Interactive calculators are built to solve problems and answer questions for those who are in the mid-stage of the buyer’s journey, thus flawless back-end calculations typically offer valuable numeric information that helps possible customers to make purchase decisions. Additionally, calculators are often used to educate and promote potential savings the user could expect by using a product or service without the need to write a lot of descriptive content. The outcome of the calculator can be the final push they need toward making a purchase through pure data which users highly appreciate, therefore making calculators the best form of interactive content to attract leads.

Listed below are some key points why you should consider adding a calculator to uplift your marketing strategy:

Add Real Value

As the user answers questions about their needs or concerns, the calculator will prepare a result for their most pressing questions whilst building trust at the same time. The calculator can be easily customised to supply the data you’re looking for and provide your prospective customer with the answers they want.

Offer High Conversion Rates

A high percentage of buyers don’t easily convert on their first visit to your website. This is where a calculator is best used for as it offers heightened engagement that leaves a lasting impression on your prospects.


A calculator supplies personalised responses providing instant satisfaction to your customers which they are more likely to share.

Gather Rich Data

The use of calculators is a great way to create deeper lead profiles whilst giving valuable information to your customer. Your sales team can make use of the data given in a calculator informing them of a prospect’s needs which help make target sales.

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Why Should You Use Interactive Content for your Business

Why Should You Use Interactive Content for your Business?

Interactive content marketing has been proven to improve engagement rate. This fact makes digital marketing companies and teams to focus on creating interactive content such as apps, assessments, quizzes, and calculators, rather than passive content. We have listed the benefits that your business will get when you incorporate interactive content.

1. Attract and persuade buyers

By using interactive content you capture the attention of online target consumers. A recent study shows that interactive content is highly effective in persuading online buyers. Most of the time, interactive contents contain the most important and actionable information that makes it easier to compel target consumers to buy products immediately. Add interactive buttons to your call-to-actions and see the difference.

2. Help boost business revenues

Once you are successful in attracting customers, it will boost your sales and will help generate higher revenues for your business. For any company, their success is measured by the number of customers they attract to increase their sales.

Did you know that companies that invest in content marketing have increased their conversion rates by five times the norm? This is proof that interactive content influences the thinking of their buyers.

3. Encourage more engagement and sharing

Maintaining the attention of your online audience is one of the vital roles that interactive content plays. When a potential customer visits your website or comes across your content in search of information, it is important that you maintain that customer’s interest and interactive content does exactly that. It is also important that you update your content regularly for you to be able to target a wider audience.

4. Boost brand exposure and credibility

As mentioned, you have to get ahead of your competition and you can do this by focusing on trying to get the maximum exposure for your brand as well as increasing the credibility that you get from engagements. When you use interactive content, you engage your audience to enhance your brand’s awareness. Remember that when people start noticing your business, the better chance you have to earn additional credibility.

5. Complement web design

If you have invested money in your website design, don’t stop there. Having a well-designed website is an edge, but what actually engages the audience is the interactive content that you place on the web pages.

6. Generate traffic

If you want to enhance the level of user experience (UX) on your website, consider investing in interactive content. If what you publish on your website is useful and informative, then your site will receive a large amount of traffic. This traffic will then enhance your online presence and make your business attractive which can potentially lead to getting more revenue. For any digital marketing campaign, the primary goal is to generate traffic as this is where you’ll get your potential buyers.

These are a few advantages that interactive content can give your business. LeadDoubler offers easy and effective interactive content to ensure you are able to convert website visitors into potential client leads. Our systems are fast and secure, creating content that is engaging and informative, which will give your website the necessary refresh that will improve your SEO rankings. This will result in a noticeable increase in website traffic, and a subsequent surge in client leads. Start your free trial today to see how interactive content could benefit your business leads. If you have any concerns and/or clarifications don’t hesitate to contact us. Our friendly team will be happy to help you. Contact us by e-mail at or call us on 0045 61 71 11 03.