Survival of the fittest marketing animal

One of the more surprising lessons from the theory of the “Survival of the fittest” is the fact that it is more important to be good at adapting than it is to the biggest, fastest or strongest. If you’re a fast adapter you’re able to adapt quickly to changing environment – surviving new threads and taking the advantage of new possibilities. In marketing the theory applies as it does in biology…

Let’s play a game… In a given market (a world) a group of different companies (species) co-exists. If one company launches a campaign or a new service it will have an advantage for a period until the effect wears off or the other companies have adapted (copied?) to the new situation. The success of company is in such a market determined by how effectively it provides it’s services and how well and fast it adapts to changes in the market.

The problem The problem when moving the market to the internet is that the number of services and campaigns launched in a given market have grown explosively. In the good old days a company could live for decades doing the exact same thing. Now it has to re-invent every service every 5 year!

The loosers The species that dies out in a changing environment like this are the dinosaurs. The biggest animals with the slowest adaption ability.

The winner The winner in an environment that changes like this is the company that is best at adapting it’s services and launching the most revolutionary campaigns – over and over.

How your company can become adaptive If you seek to become adaptive we suggest that you seek to explore the way you develop and launch new services and react to others doing just that in your market. Imagine a situation where a new player enters the market by launching a campaign eating customers right out of your cash-cow market… What do you do?

  • A: Calls your board of directors, discusses what to do for a while. Determines to do someting, ask some outside consultants or agency to come up with some brilliant idea and perhaps decide to launch a campaign after a few months.
  • B: Designs a new service or campaign by prototyping and launching it fast to minimize the head start of your new opponent. Knowing that not all services can be launched equally fast give the above a thought.

  • How fast are you?

  • Did you prepare yourself by purchasing adaptive marketing components that at least makes that part easy

  • Did you consider taking the first move – removing any incentives a newcomer would have for entering the market?

How LeadDoubler makes you adaptive With LeadDoubler prototyping marketing automation machines right into production is easy breezy. It is done extremely fast and takes away the reason for considering new campaigns for a long time before just doing something. Take our marketing automation test if you want to know more about your ability to thrive in todays rapidly changing market.  

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How to reach your sales target?

Are you on target?

If you’re in doubt on whether you’ll reach your sales target you’re not alone. Here’s a calculator that enables you to calculate the number of leads you need to reach your sales target.

  • Input the number of sales you need per year
  • Get the number of leads you need per week or day