The importance of lead generation

For every business that works to generate a profit, a critical aim is to increase sales and turnover year on year. One of the joint responsibilities of the marketing and sales departments is to highlight potential new business leads and to convert these prospective customers into paying customers.

A ‘lead’ is someone who has shown an interest in the product or services your business has to offer and this applies to both B2C and B2B markets. Within a B2C context, leads can be sources through cookies on your website, or new subscribers to your mailing list. Most B2C companies have an eCommerce platform, which allows you to sell directly to customers. A great way to convert potential leads for B2C companies is to re-market the exact product the person has been looking at, in a banner advert on another site, or if possible, send them an email directly offering a discount on their first order.

For B2B companies, who don’t often have an eCommerce offering, especially if they are a service business, lead generation online is slightly more complex but equally as important. Below we’ve detailed why lead generation is so important, focusing on a B2B market.

Why is lead generation important?

Firstly you need to generate leads. With no warm leads to action, your sales team will find their time pretty unproductive. One of the best ways that a B2B business can increase the volume of leads they generate is to create interactive content online to attract potential new customers in. If you’re offering customers a service, it isn’t always something you can remarket on other sites in the same way you can a product.

How do you increase lead generation?

Interactive content in the form of quizzes is a great way to engage your prospective customer on your site. Requesting their email address in return for their answers is a really easy way to generate useful lead information online. Making your quiz fun and lighthearted will also give your potential customer an opportunity to switch off from their day job for a few minutes, which might even go as far as helping them warm to your business.

Two-stage lead generation

Getting the first stage of lead generation right comes in two steps. Firstly, you need to find a way of recording tangible, useable data from the person – such as an email address – and secondly, you need to ensure that their first impression of your business is positive, leaving them with a favourable impression of your brand. As most sales are closed after the fifth piece of contact, consider this first step your handshake to introduce yourself in the best possible light.

What can effective lead generation help you to achieve?

Businesses who have an effective lead generation system can find their revenue increases up to 130% better than a company who doesn’t invest in lead generation.* So it is imperative if you are serious about increasing your revenue that you invest in the tools and systems you need to convert visitors on your site into potential leads.

Now more than ever lead generation is key

In today’s digital world, people can scope out products or services they’re interested in online before they make a purchase. Previously enquiries would’ve been made in person in a shop, or over the phone, but with the advent of social and digital media, this personal interaction has been lost. As a result, the opportunity to close a sale has decreased. This has made it more important than ever for businesses to ensure they are generating high-quality leads which can be converted into sales.

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Interactive content – what, why and how

Interactive content, quite simply, does what it says on the tin. As opposed to static content, such as webpages, blogs and images, interactive content is that which requires the viewer’s active participation and engagement. Rather than simply reading text or appreciating a visual, interactive content examples include those that give their audience real-time results that are not only relevant but they are related to causes and topics that they really care about.

Examples of interactive content

Interactive content can come in all shapes, sizes, tones, styles and can be suitable for a range of channels. However, as a whole, interactive content can be broken down into five core key content types. These main building blocks can then be used either as lone media types or can be combined to create layered interactive experiences, such as responsive videos, infographics and images.

The four core elements used to create interactive content are as follows:

Poll, Trivia, Quiz and Survey – Best demonstrated by the Buzzfeed phenomenon, online polls and quizzes are not only highly engaging for the user, as they can be specifically targeted, but for the marketer too. These survey-based content examples provide remarkable opportunities to gather data in the form of opinions, customer insight and that all-important feedback.

Assessment – As simple as they sound, assessments use a range of carefully constructed questions to precisely segment an audience into several pre-determined categories. For both audience and marketer, this can be a very useful exercise. Not only can it ensure that users are hit with the content that most appeals to them, but it also allows professionals to really dissect their audience so that they can best spend money on content that really engages.

Bracket – No brackets are not a punctuation mark, at least not in this case anyway! When we talk about a bracket with regards to interactive content, we are referring to a form that requires prediction and completion: a form that is completed where the participant(s) predicts the outcome of each game in a tournament, for instance, March Madness.(https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/March_Madness_pools). Whoever, come the end of a tournament, has had the closest predictions will win the content.

Calculator – Calculators can come in a range of different disguises and the most prolific is probably a quote generator. Calculators are a type of interactive content that is created using back-end development where answer combinations are pre-set. Once a user inputs specifics, they are evaluated and their combination will turn out a specific answer, normally in the form of a numerical result.

The importance of interactive content

In today’s digital world, where users are 91% more likely to engage with heavy visuals and interactive content, it is unsurprising to learn that, following the mobile revolution and its subsequent digital transformation, the average adult’s attention span has reduced from twelve seconds down to a shocking eight. That means engagement really is key for marketers. With its main intention of creating a two-way conversation with internet users, interactive content achieves just that – instant interaction. This interactivity brings with it deeper brand recognition and can work to drive higher customer retention levels.

Because of interactive content’s personalisation element, people simply cannot help but put themselves through your inviting algorithms. The fact that interactive content too will conjure up different results and a different user journey based on the order of content inputted also brings with it a powerful attraction. It appeals to the human brain’s natural appreciation for all things new – our inner magpie if you like!

Implementing interactive content

Fortunately, interactive content has never been easier to create. With our cutting-edge LeadDoubler platform you can do just that – double your leads! By turning existing files into engaging content in seconds, we can help you drive interactivity to achieve the ROI and conversions that you are really looking for. Our platform will also automatically inject leads generated from your interactive content directly into your marketing automation tools if required.

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The Value Of Video For Lead Generation

From Facebook quizzes to interactive calculators, it’s been proven that interactive content can help with lead generation through online channels. Another accepted method of increasing your lead count is video content, and this blog will tell you why.

Which are the best videos for you?

Naturally, the type of videos you produce for your online content, designed to attract leads, will be suited to your line of business. It might be a pre-recorded webinar on your website which discusses issues of interest to your target market, or maybe YouTube videos on your channel which include video tutorials. Whether you set out to engage by entertaining, shocking, informing or educating, it can all be on the path to lead generation if produced and marketed effectively.

How to capture the leads

There are a number of actions you can take in order to direct people from your videos to the destination of your choice, in order to turn them into a lead. It might be a lead generation form which is embedded in the video at some stage. You might ask for the form to be filled in order for the content to be viewed – this is known as a ‘gate’. Alternatively, you could produce a shortened or ‘mini’ version of the video as a teaser and offer an upgrade or full version at the end of the video.

Using YouTube tools

YouTube provides features which are readymade for lead generation, such as annotations which act as tags that can be embedded in each video. This allows users to navigate to a specific URL – perhaps your website – or another video on your YouTube channel.

That’s our quick guide to lead generation through videos. They might be best used as part of an integrated interactive campaign targeting multiple web channels. For more information, get in touch.

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How To Generate Pre-qualified Leads By Properly Engaging Visitors To Your Landing Page

As most marketers know, lead generation is the process of attracting and converting the right prospects and enticing them to make contact with you. However, this often proves to be both costly and time consuming, as the problem most businesses face is how to separate the wheat from the chaff when evaluating the leads themselves.

In most cases, lead validation is the key that unlocks a profitable ROI in a lead generation strategy, though putting an effective system in place to monitor this is frequently overlooked. As a result, many campaigns suffer avoidable losses by throwing good money after bad pursuing inappropriate and unqualified leads.

But how do you address this?

One way is to provide front end content that pre-qualifies leads based on visiting prospects use of interactive content, designed to educate them in ways that will help improve their ROI.

This was the thinking behind the team who developed the world’s leading calculator creation software, LeadDoubler.

The beauty of interactive content and LeadDoubler in particular is that in enabling you to educate your prospects and give them the information they want, it also makes them more likely to engage with you and eventually sign up for your offer. But to do this successfully, it has to be super user friendly.

On this note, the software developers at LeadDoubler would appear to have got it right if the awards handed out by Finances Online are anything to go by. In 2016 they were presented with both the Rising Star and Great User Experience Awards. These were based in part on positive feedback from LeadDoubler clients that highlighted the quick and easy way the calculators could be designed – less than 5 minutes – and the way the software integrated with leading CRM and other applications.

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5 Tactics To Use To Increase Lead Generation

When it comes to digital marketing, everyone expects a quick sale. You put a post or advert up about your products or services, the consumer visits your website and there you go, you have a sale! If only it was that easy.

When it comes to making sales, you need to generate leads first, and this quite simply means finding customers who are likely to be interested in your products or services. These are some great tactics to use to generate your leads.

  1. Be interactive

Customers want you to interact with them and this is how you gain interest. Interactive content where the reader has to take some action can be useful for increasing engagement and generating leads. This may take the form of interactive quizzes, tests, assessments or calculators. In other words, something that engages your customer to complete and activity and interact with your content for a decent amount of time.

You need to speak to your customers too, reply to their comments on your blog or social media and encourage their engagement.

  1. Calls to action

In order to generate leads, you need to have some kind of call to action, otherwise customers won’t know what you expect them to do. It may be that you have a pop up on your website asking the customer to leave their details for a free eBook or some other useful content. If you create blogs, you should also have a call to action on these which point them to a product page or other landing page.

  1. Newsletters

If you want to keep both your customers and potential customers engaged, you need to keep them updated on your products or services. A great way to do this is through newsletters. You only send these to people who sign up for them, so they are already showing an interest in your product or service, or they have already purchased from you. They are already a warm lead, so make sure you nurture this.

  1. Regular content

Simply keeping your blog up to date is a useful way to generate leads. The more people become interested in your blog, the easier it will be to get people to sign up to your newsletter.

  1. Webinars

In much the same way as regular content, webinars are a good way to generate interest in your business, which means more people who are likely to sign up to your newsletter or download your free content.

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