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How Interactive Calculators Boost Your Marketing Strategy

How Interactive Calculators Boost Your Marketing Strategy

Marketing experts are turning to the use of interactive contents for a successful lead generation as it is a great way to engage potential customers with quality experiences that capture insights and provide useful information. The main objective of interactive content is to encourage the investment of time, allowing marketers to reward their prospects with hyper relevant results.

This is why interactive content has been called the “future of content marketing,” because it is the perfect way for marketers to create engaging experiences that convert visitors every time. Moreover interactive content is not only a good way to educate potential customers and generate more page views but is also preferred by consumers as it allows them to dive in, interact, have fun and gain insight without feeling like they are being sold to.

A calculator is a popular type of interactive content for marketers. It allows marketers to dive deeper into their audience’s needs, collecting information to build accurate buyer personas.


The use of calculators is one way to boost marketing strategy by engaging the users to input data that helps marketers to better understand prospective consumers and offers the chance to create highly-specific content that appeals to each customer group. A calculator follows a set formula and uses back-end logic to generate a unique result based on the user’s data.

Interactive calculators are built to solve problems and answer questions for those who are in the mid-stage of the buyer’s journey, thus flawless back-end calculations typically offer valuable numeric information that helps possible customers to make purchase decisions. Additionally, calculators are often used to educate and promote potential savings the user could expect by using a product or service without the need to write a lot of descriptive content. The outcome of the calculator can be the final push they need toward making a purchase through pure data which users highly appreciate, therefore making calculators the best form of interactive content to attract leads.

Listed below are some key points why you should consider adding a calculator to uplift your marketing strategy:

Add Real Value

As the user answers questions about their needs or concerns, the calculator will prepare a result for their most pressing questions whilst building trust at the same time. The calculator can be easily customised to supply the data you’re looking for and provide your prospective customer with the answers they want.

Offer High Conversion Rates

A high percentage of buyers don’t easily convert on their first visit to your website. This is where a calculator is best used for as it offers heightened engagement that leaves a lasting impression on your prospects.


A calculator supplies personalised responses providing instant satisfaction to your customers which they are more likely to share.

Gather Rich Data

The use of calculators is a great way to create deeper lead profiles whilst giving valuable information to your customer. Your sales team can make use of the data given in a calculator informing them of a prospect’s needs which help make target sales.

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Types of Interactive Content for Your Business

Types of Interactive Content for Your Business

As online marketing gets more concentrated and more competitive, making good content may not be sufficient. Aside from being visually appealing, the content should also be interesting and interactive. Something that your target customers would want to click. Interactive content is a great way to attract your target customers to participate and interact with you. Using interactive contents can produce a higher engagement rate. Even an average piece of interactive content has a higher chance of audience engagement than a good piece of conventional content. This fact makes digital marketing companies and content managers focusing towards creating funny, witty and informative content rather than a long article.

To help you in choosing the right content for your business, we have compiled some examples of the interactive content that are designed to generate leads.

1. Interactive Quizzes (or Polls)

Interactive Quizzes are one of the most used and recognised type of interactive content. Your quiz can be light-hearted and fun or can be a bit serious. These quizzes not only help you interact with target customers, but it also helps you with lead nurturing and helping your sales team gather information about your customers.

2. Interactive Videos

Videos come in different themes and styles. It can be webinars, Youtube videos or tutorials, and all these help with your business’ lead generation. However, you can add a few more things to make your videos interactive. Adding YouTube annotations lets you bounce around from one video to another or use tools that embed lead generation form in your videos. Another thing that you can do is offer a ‘content upgrade’ at the end.

3. Interactive Infographics

A highly aesthetic content will surely capture the attention of your customer. To add flare to the infographic you made, add digital widgets that your customers can play with. If you want a fancier version, why not choose to offer a personalised version. You can ask questions from the user and give them an infographic based on their answers.

4. Calculators

If you want to show your customers the pricing for your services but the pricing structure is too complex for a pricing table, put an interactive calculator on your website. This calculator can be used as a part of link magnet and lead generation tool.

5. Interactive Games

The thing about games is that they are most effective when used at the beginning of your customer’s journey. Did you know that a study even proved that games generate more leads than quizzes? Add games as part of the registration process!

6. Contests

Another familiar type of interactive content is contests. They are best used when you want to attract new customers and increase brand awareness. It requires input from the customers like photo contests or other user-generated contents. You get not only interaction with your customers but also their information.

These are just some of the few interactive contents that you can use for lead generation of your business. Make sure to choose the one most appropriate for your business so that you can make the most out of it.

LeadDoubler offers easy and effective interactive content to ensure you are able to convert website visitors into potential client leads. Our systems are fast and secure, creating content that is engaging and informative, which will give your website the necessary refresh that will improve your SEO rankings. This will result in a noticeable increase in website traffic, and a subsequent surge in client leads. Start your free trial today to see how interactive content could benefit your business leads. If you have any concerns and/or clarifications don’t hesitate to contact us. Our friendly team will be happy to help you. Just send us an e-mail at or call us on 0045 61 71 11 03.

Interactive content

7 Tips To Get Started With Interactive Content

In this guide, you will learn how to get started with interactive content. There are many ways to use interactive content in different branches and companies. This guide will help you in the right direction regarding how to prepare yourself and getting started with interactive content.

What is interactive content?

With interactive content, your visitors can engage with the content instead of passively observing a video or a page. The visitors can actively participate in the content which creates a personal experience for the user. This will guarantee that the content becomes more memorable to them.

How does interactive content generate leads?

With interactive content, you can quickly generate contact information from your visitors, while they are getting a tailored answer directly to them. For example, imagine a simple personality quiz “What kind of employee are you?” The user answers a couple of fun and appealing questions before seeing the result, which is 1 of 6 possible employee types.

The content asks for the users’ name and email address before showing the result. By only asking two-three pieces of contact information it guarantees that the user is willing to deliver the contact information instead of using a seven-field lead form.


Tip 1: Pick the right interactive content

There are many different types of interactive content, so it can be hard to choose which one to try. It’s a good idea to start off with a simple and easy calculator, quiz or product recommendation. Make sure to choose the right content for your needs and purpose.

Tip 2: Get your material ready for creation

When you figured out which content to choose, you need to do your homework before jumping into it. It’s important that you have your elements such as questions, texts, and pictures ready. This way you decrease the time of the process and can start generating leads much faster.

Tip 3: Keep it short and precise

People tend to have a short concentration time before becoming distracted. Try therefore to keep the content short, so it only takes a couple of minutes to finish. If you make it to long, you will lose your visitors attention, and then lose a lead which is a potential sale.

Tip 4: Promote your content to the right audience

Whether you choose to promote your interactive content on social media or another platform, make sure to market the content to the right audience. Before promoting it, you must account for your buyer persona, which is a detailed description of your target customer. This will assure that you will generate leads who are much likely to buy your product.

Tip 5: Be creative and visual

Increase the visual experience with funny texts and clear photos. People love images because it’s an eyecatcher and tells a thousand words. So, if you can improve the user experience by adding a couple of relevant photos, do it.

Tip 6: Collect the right information

As mentioned before, it’s important to collect the right information instead of collecting information that is irrelevant for you. You might as well know the feeling of handing over a ton of information in fear of being violated. By only asking for name and email or phone number, the visitors are very much more likely to apply to the form.

Tip 7: Integrate with your favorite tools

Stay integrated with all your favorite tools like Hubspot, Mailchimp, Salesforce etc. These integrations make a smooth and easy flow. When a user submits your interactive content, they’ll receive information about their choices right away. Personalize your emails by sending different emails targeted especially to each group’s interest.

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If you are reading this you are probably the kind of marketeer that wish to indulge your newsletter recipients with exciting and relevant content that engages and converts. Adding useful and well made interactive content to your email newsletter will often do this.

At the same time we know that plain text-mail outperform HTML based mail when it comes to open- and click-through rates. And we know providers are filtering HTML-heavy mails to obscure folders out of sight. Also most mail providers don’t even support iFrames.

Alas, interactive content is pretty much synonymous with HTML. But as marketeers We still want to share interactive content since it adds so much value to our recipients when done right.

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