Key Components To Look Out For When Building A Content Marketing Strategy That Works

Key Components To Look Out For When Building A Content Marketing Strategy That Works

Why Content Marketing?

A recent study has shown that content marketing generates about three times more leads, compared with outbound marketing. It also costs about 62% less, which is why it is considered the best digital marketing asset today. However, successful content marketing strategies don’t happen by accident or develop overnight. They require thorough planning, time, focus and attention in order to work.

If you’re jumping on the bandwagon and want to give your business a more competitive edge, we have outlined the key essentials of content marketing strategies that drive optimal success.

• Purpose and goals

If you are about to build a new content marketing strategy, do not waste your company’s time and resources on areas that are not aligned with what you want to achieve. Check on the key factors where your business has been struggling the most such as:

1. Lead generation
2. Audience engagement
3. Website traffic
4. Increasing your marketing ROI
5. Customer retention and loyalty
6. Brand awareness

After determining your purpose, start outlining the goals you expect your content to accomplish. This may include:

1. Sales goals
2. Business growth goals
3. Cost-savings goals

• Audience

Most people do not find any value in broad-reaching content that aims to be all things for everybody. Whilst it is only right to create a content that has universal appeal, do not forget that it will be more successful when it is targeted to serve a specific audience.

Once you have identified your core viewers, you will need to create a clear picture of who they are so you and your team can get to know them as real people. Validated commonalities can help you understand how certain ideas, content formats and approaches to the subject matter actually work and vary from one another.

• Data and market research

Historical data such as website traffic demographics, sales data, surveys, studies or customer feedback are all basis of customer insight and understanding. This includes primary research and third-party data as well.

Your content strategy should also include researching your competitors. Whilst we do not recommend spending too much time analysing this information, getting to know your competitors can help you find opportunities to differentiate yourself and rectify where your market may be underserved.

• Mission

After identifying your purpose and goals, as well as acknowledging your audience, it’s important to develop a content marketing mission statement. This should declare your company’s unique content vision, the value your content provides, the specific audience it benefits and the priorities and principles it upholds.

• Strong brand image

When creating a strong brand image that will have a positive reaction with your target audience, remember that your story needs to address the topics they value and the problems they face. You may also consider utilising the following:

1. Brand name
2. Hashtag
3. Tagline
4. Website design

• Content promotion and distribution channels

Lastly, how you distribute your content to your audience impacts your marketing success. Contrary to what everybody thinks, you don’t have to be everywhere. What’s important is for you to figure out the most effective distribution channels to get your contents delivered to your readers and customers. This may include:

1. Direct emails
2. Social media sharing
3. Advertising
4. Guest Posting

If you have decided on using interactive content as part of your content marketing strategy, but do not possess the right programming skills, LeadDoubler is more than happy to help. Whether it’s to generate more leads, empower sales, increase traffic, engage visitors, receive data or create results, our platform is designed to empower you to produce powerful interactive contents that are sure to drive success. Click on our Demo page to see your options on how to learn about the LeadDoubler platform. Otherwise, give us a call on +45 9386 6171 or send us an email at for your enquiries.

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