Lead Generator

Read how our lead generator will grow your business and make your work more efficient.

New customers directly from Facebook or Adwords

Your website is nice, and you have spent a lot of money on optimizing it for Google, but the amount of inquiries (leads) can be counted on one hand.

.. so we decided to do something about it

With  LeadDoubler’s lead generator you now have the opportunity to multiply your amount of leads for a consistent low price.


Your customers use the internet to get informed. To find the answers that they seek.


We take advantage of that need, and build calculators and tests that provides your customers the answers they seek.


In return we ask for their contact information before we show them their result.


Set up your calculator or test with our consultants today and get your first leads tomorrow.


The potential customers use the calculator or test directly from the ad, and their contact informations and results are sent directly to your inbox.


Facebook’s algorithms love calculators and tests. Your ad will be awarded with a very low cost-per-click, and you will experience your calculator delivering leads to you for a low cost and at a high rate.


Calculators and tests are rewarded by Facebook’s algorithms and Adwords with low cost-per-click and a high conversion ratio.


This means that we can set up an ad, launch it, and see the first inquiries directly in your inbox or CRM-system after a few hours.


Imagine that you can get 10 leads a day starting as soon as tomorrow for a cost that is so low, that it doesn’t matter.
"Easy to set up, easy to customize, easy to manage and the team behind is creative and focused on creating value."
Kenneth Christensen
BSA Solutions


Designed to generate leads

The whole system is designed to generate leads. Everything is 100% focused to create value in terms of leads for our clients and answers for their potential customers.

Everything happens automatically

The whole process of creating the traffic and answering the questions of potential customers is handled fully automatically.

Generates and sends PDF files automatically

Provide a complete report for your potential customers – and force them to provide their email in return. It creates value for everyone.

Build in Excel

You are involved in the whole process, and we will get you started quickly. You can customize everything on a few minutes. Also while the lead generator is in use.

Get prices automatically

Ask the user for their input and collect data from external sources before you calculate a result.

Integrates easily

Through integrations with more than 700 pieces of software, we have made it easy to send the customer’s informations directly into your CRM system, send emails to them or even an SMS to your sales agent.

Data and calculations are behind locked and safe

All the calculations happens on our secured servers. This means your sales agents will not be able to steal or lose your calculations, methods or strategies. This way you are safe in times where the most skilled sales agents are contacted by headhunters daily.

Adapt for special segments

Copy the lead generator for special segments in a few seconds and make it easier to use.


Works on all devices, whether you’re using a phone, tablet, laptop or stationary PC. All our calculators and tests are tailored to your device, even if you use multiple different devices.