Using an interactive test to drive leads for danish mortgage company

How adding a simple test increased ROI with 500%

  • It all starts with a simple test

    Giving potential clients an estimate of their potential savings instantly can be done through a simple 10 sec. test

  • Through instant feedback the user is driven into an interactive onboarding flow

    Combining simple tests with onboarding flows is key to create high conversion rates.

  • The flow is embedded into our clients website and marketed through cross media campaigns

    With an interactive test – marketing is easy. All marketing have to do is to tell potential clients that they can get feedback in seconds.


Motivating danish house-owners to switch to a new mortgage provider is everything but easy. The process is complicated and the gain for the house-owner is received over time.

We needed a simple way to show how important this is without dragging the user through long meetings or complicated forms.


Through a strategic call – initiated by our partners at Sunrise – we saw that it was pretty straight forward to create an easy-to-use interactive test helping the user evaluate whether the potential savings are so significant that it’s worth investing in.


Based on input from the client we created a simple Excel file defining the input and output of the test and uploaded it to LeadDoubler to convert it into a beautiful interactive test – ready to be embedded into our clients website with simple cut and paste code.

The result: 500% ROI improvement rate!

The client got 5 times as many leads through the interactive test than they usually did.

Could you use 5 times as many leads generated on the same budget?

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