Steps to Create Successful Interactive Content

Steps to Create Successful Interactive Content

Apart from lead generation, content marketers need to step up their games by creating more engaging experiences that convert visitors every time. In an increasingly conscious global market today, it can be quite difficult to reel in prospective customers with just a few brief paragraphs. One way to surpass this is by making use of interactive content.

Compared with video, print, and audio content, interactive content usually fit into a more broader engagement or sales enablement strategy. A huge percentage of marketers believe that interactive content is also the best way for lead generation as it could generate two times more conversions than that of passive content.

Here are the steps in creating successful interactive content that will result in an increase in sales:

1. Plan your goal and strategy
The first step you have to take is to ideate. It is important to prioritise what you are looking to get out of an interactive content before you get into the specifics of creating it. Compared with a static content, interactive assets will need more strategic thinking in advance such as laying out an overall goal for the piece and ensuring that you know what you want the specific results to be as well as the next steps you have to take from them. Your objectives will help shape the whole content experience.

2. Decide on your content type and theme
Choose the best option for your brand by learning the types of interactive content available. Selecting the specific type and theme of your interactive content will be a lot easier when you have an overall goal. If you find yourself stuck and unable to decide what type of interactive content to use, creating a poll might help in figuring out what your audience like and dislike.

3. Aim for a remarkable content
Whether you are opting for a quiz, assessment or an interactive calculator, keep it in mind that your content needs to be remarkable and go beyond the standard. To execute this, consider whether your interactive piece is compelling, well-written, properly edited and provides a useful takeaway. A successful interactive content needs some serious effort and has to be genuinely useful. Watch out for interactive content statistics to keep track of your strategies and to know how your interactive marketing content plan is working for you.

5. Connect to your marketing platform
You can obtain a new level of personalisation available to customise your follow-ups with leads when you connect your marketing platform to your interactive content. Simply add a specific marketing program for the content you create in your content marketing platform. You have the capacity to direct and use the information you collected in any way you want within that campaign. By doing this, you will be able to enhance the lead scoring in your marketing platform.

6. Create
For the final step, do some marketing by creating a plan to introduce your interactive piece as part of your larger marketing efforts. This does not have be an immense creative endeavour, minimal interactive content can still have a major impact. As you get used to the medium, you can improvise and optimise by moving forward with new and innovative ways to interactively market through content.

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