Surprisingly Simple Lead Generation Strategies

The market is an ever changing environment. What people want today may change in just a few days. Trends and fads pass by like a breeze. This is why marketers should be able to quickly change and adapt to what their target consumers want, what they are actively searching, and how they are purchasing our services and products. To do this, sellers must be able to understand the behavior and patterns of their target market.

Lead generation is a top priority. Effective lead generation engines maintain sales even when you are not monitoring them. Even with this tool, only one out of ten sellers feel that their lead generation is ineffective.

Here are some tips to get you started with your lead generation:

Email Marketing

Start by knowing who your potential customers and clients are by performing an outreach. After this, make a list aiming for the prospects in your field, then personally contact them through email to begin an initial conversation.
It is important to know if what you are offering your prospects is what they are looking for. This provides a great chance to research your target client comprehensively and email them personally. Email marketing is a great opportunity for lead generation be it by sending to email lists or personal emails. Other than using email to spark a conversation, it can also be an effective tool to follow up on your clients. Keeping in contact is of the utmost importance so you can easily reach your clients when they decide to purchase.

Blog Regularly

Regular blogging is one of the best ways to maintain your website’s trendiness. It also helps in increasing visibility on Google search. It also helps in fostering leads, making people trust the brand and develop credibility. Lead volume is doubled every month when companies blog at lease six to eight times as per Benchmark reports from HubSpot. This data shows how effective blogging is, for lead generation. A distinguished call-to-action, as well as including links to different pages inside the copy of the post in your website must be ensured.

Keep Posting on Social Media

Constant and consistent posting on social media aids in visibility improvement. It also increases the score on your LinkedIn’s Social Selling Index and other sites with the same nature. Aim to attract followers who will be loyal to your brand. Keep in close communication with your clients so you can really get to know your clients. To be able to generate leads, you have to connect and communicate with other people.


Social and digital marketing are good, but actual personal contact will always have more impact. Trust is easier to develop when your having a one-on-one conversation. Following up personally provides the chance to know more about your prospective clients and also be able to connect with them. Your clients will most probably go to you when they need something because they know that they can trust you.

Plan the Work and Work to Achieve It

Planning is always important. Start with making a marketing plan,. Set objectives on how you are going to contact prospects. You can use email, social media, or whatever means that can be utilised that will be more efficient and effective.
Having a solid plan helps you to be prepared especially when you are calling clients out of nowhere to make new prospects. Take time to know your prospects. Be sure to have planned beforehand when calling or sending an email or connecting via social media.

Provide a Great Offer

Nothing is sweeter than getting that “yes” from your clients. Marketers should always plan to get their prospects to say “yes” to whatever they are offering. With our understanding of human nature, people are more attracted to offers that are “exclusive” or “limited”. Marketers must present their product or service in such a way that prospective clients cannot resist. Offers such as free trials, sales promotions, downloads, etc., increases the value (or at least the perception of it) of your offer.

Tell Them A Story

Nothing attracts prospective clients to your product or service as well as a good success story. Send your clients emails or links to success stories related to your product. Be sure to provide the numbers and proof.

Don’t Be Afraid To Get Personal

Though it is always easier to use email or social media to contact prospective clients, adding that personal touch still proves as an effective tool. Having a real face-to-face conversation gives that sense of importance to clients.

Call to Action

Be sure to provide your clients with clear instructions of what to do. If they do not know what to do next when they open your website, more often than not, your clients won’t do anything.

Don’t Give Up

Just keep pushing on! When you’ve built momentum, don’t make the mistake of slowing down your lead generation. Keep creating new leads so you can take care of your business and not waste all your efforts.LeadDoubler offers easy and effective interactive content to ensure you are able to convert website visitors into potential client leads. Feel free to send us an e-mail at or give us a call on 0045 61 71 11 03 for more information about our services.

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