Terms & Conditions

Read our terms and conditions carefully.


These conditions apply for costumers, who has purchased access to the LeadDoubler platform.

Payment and Maintenance of Ownership

The customer only has access to the software platform when all the payments have been paid on time. If the payment is not received on time in relation to the invoice submitted the supplier reserves the right to remove the access to the platform without notice.


The LeadDoubler software may not be copied or used without prior approval; however, the license holder may use the software to which is given access via the LeadDoubler dashboard and may insert the calculator on their websites.


Neither LeadDoubler nor any of their employees or licensors can be held responsible for any damage, caused by the software, including, but not limited to, indirect, accidental, special damages or consequential damages, or compensation for consequential loss, compensation for loss of financial savings, income or data that has been restrained by customers or by a third party although the developer has advised on the possibility of such compensation.

In cases where the government or the country does not permit such limitation, the responsibility is in all cases limited to the price of the purchased license.


Delivered software, calculators and flows as defined in contracts are covered by a 3 month warranty period – if permitted by law – from acquisition date. Within this period the customer has the right to demand correction of mistakes or replacement, in the case of liability by the dealer. If a limit of 3 months is not allowed, then the allowed minimum period is specified.


Any breach of the warranty is defined as absence of or faulty operation of a function under warranty that does not include (I) the suitability of the software for a certain purpose or (II) adjustment of expenses and charges or limitation of access to developed flows and calculators. Prior to conclusion of the agreement, the customer is obligated to investigate whether the purchased software is suitable for the intended purpose by legal or other reasons.


If LeadDoubler is not willing or able to eliminate errors or deliver substitute goods, the customer has the right to demand breach of contract or receive discount on the purchase price.

Data Protection

With LeadDoubler, data about the customer and end users, using the flows and calculators of the customer, is stored. This data is stored on safe cloud database in unencrypted form. It is the obligation of the customer to investigate whether this is allowed legally in relation to the specific utility model of the customer and the local legislation.

Limitation of Liability

The LeadDoubler system runs with high uptime and the system is frequently controlled in relation to safety procedure.


LeadDoubler cannot be held liable for any loss of data resulting from the use of the system.

LeadDoubler cannot be held liable for others who use the platform in a way that resemble the customers.


LeadDoubler reserves the right to shut down an account of a customer without warning in case the system is being abused or is being used inappropriately.

Legal Entities

LeadDoubler is owned and licensed to the client by LeadDoubler ApS (VAT: 30174895), Hasselvænget 24, 4760 Vordingborg

Final Remarks

Any potential disagreements are to be settled in diocese of Nykøbing Falster under Danish law.