The importance of lead generation

For every business that works to generate a profit, a critical aim is to increase sales and turnover year on year. One of the joint responsibilities of the marketing and sales departments is to highlight potential new business leads and to convert these prospective customers into paying customers.

A ‘lead’ is someone who has shown an interest in the product or services your business has to offer and this applies to both B2C and B2B markets. Within a B2C context, leads can be sources through cookies on your website, or new subscribers to your mailing list. Most B2C companies have an eCommerce platform, which allows you to sell directly to customers. A great way to convert potential leads for B2C companies is to re-market the exact product the person has been looking at, in a banner advert on another site, or if possible, send them an email directly offering a discount on their first order.

For B2B companies, who don’t often have an eCommerce offering, especially if they are a service business, lead generation online is slightly more complex but equally as important. Below we’ve detailed why lead generation is so important, focusing on a B2B market.

Why is lead generation important?

Firstly you need to generate leads. With no warm leads to action, your sales team will find their time pretty unproductive. One of the best ways that a B2B business can increase the volume of leads they generate is to create interactive content online to attract potential new customers in. If you’re offering customers a service, it isn’t always something you can remarket on other sites in the same way you can a product.

How do you increase lead generation?

Interactive content in the form of quizzes is a great way to engage your prospective customer on your site. Requesting their email address in return for their answers is a really easy way to generate useful lead information online. Making your quiz fun and lighthearted will also give your potential customer an opportunity to switch off from their day job for a few minutes, which might even go as far as helping them warm to your business.

Two-stage lead generation

Getting the first stage of lead generation right comes in two steps. Firstly, you need to find a way of recording tangible, useable data from the person – such as an email address – and secondly, you need to ensure that their first impression of your business is positive, leaving them with a favourable impression of your brand. As most sales are closed after the fifth piece of contact, consider this first step your handshake to introduce yourself in the best possible light.

What can effective lead generation help you to achieve?

Businesses who have an effective lead generation system can find their revenue increases up to 130% better than a company who doesn’t invest in lead generation.* So it is imperative if you are serious about increasing your revenue that you invest in the tools and systems you need to convert visitors on your site into potential leads.

Now more than ever lead generation is key

In today’s digital world, people can scope out products or services they’re interested in online before they make a purchase. Previously enquiries would’ve been made in person in a shop, or over the phone, but with the advent of social and digital media, this personal interaction has been lost. As a result, the opportunity to close a sale has decreased. This has made it more important than ever for businesses to ensure they are generating high-quality leads which can be converted into sales.

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