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The Value Of Video For Lead Generation

From Facebook quizzes to interactive calculators, it’s been proven that interactive content can help with lead generation through online channels. Another accepted method of increasing your lead count is video content, and this blog will tell you why.

Which are the best videos for you?

Naturally, the type of videos you produce for your online content, designed to attract leads, will be suited to your line of business. It might be a pre-recorded webinar on your website which discusses issues of interest to your target market, or maybe YouTube videos on your channel which include video tutorials. Whether you set out to engage by entertaining, shocking, informing or educating, it can all be on the path to lead generation if produced and marketed effectively.

How to capture the leads

There are a number of actions you can take in order to direct people from your videos to the destination of your choice, in order to turn them into a lead. It might be a lead generation form which is embedded in the video at some stage. You might ask for the form to be filled in order for the content to be viewed – this is known as a ‘gate’. Alternatively, you could produce a shortened or ‘mini’ version of the video as a teaser and offer an upgrade or full version at the end of the video.

Using YouTube tools

YouTube provides features which are readymade for lead generation, such as annotations which act as tags that can be embedded in each video. This allows users to navigate to a specific URL – perhaps your website – or another video on your YouTube channel.

That’s our quick guide to lead generation through videos. They might be best used as part of an integrated interactive campaign targeting multiple web channels. For more information, get in touch.

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