Top Tips for Creating an Effective Survey

Top Tips for Creating an Effective Survey

Whilst there are many types of online marketing strategies available today, the use of interactive content continues to become more popular as customers still prefer to click on interesting, informative pieces that would make them feel more engaged.

One of the most commonly used types of interactive content is a survey as it is just the perfect option for marketers to begin a content strategy with or to update their content plan with fresher, smarter ideas. By using a survey, the responses you will be getting from your audience will provide you with the insights into their challenges, pain points and needs whilst supplying them the chance to participate in a two-way dialogue that makes them feel more involved in your brand. To simplify, a survey will feed your content whilst helping you to better understand your audience.

Crafting an effective survey is not meant to be about putting one together with no branding, throwing any questions you just feel like or disregarding its length. A clear and concise survey is what you should be aiming for which will not leave your audience with lengthy, vague, generic-looking output that doesn’t inspire any kind of effort at all. Read on to find out the top tips that can help you craft an effective survey that will surely improve your prospects’ and customers’ experience.

Know your audience

In order to offer your customers and prospects the right kind of product for them, as well as a whole personalised experience, it is important that you obtain specific results by paying attention to who your audience is. You can do this by segmenting your customers into groups based on demographics, purchase history, channel and even whom they work with.

Make it obvious

Some people are not very fond of surveys. They tend to speed read, misread and misconstrue meaning. To make sure that you will be getting accurate results despite this, use clear and concise language for your questions, proofread and review all of them thoroughly until you’re sure enough you are laying them out in the simplest, clearest form as possible.

Keep it short

Remember that the shorter your questions are, the better. Avoid asking repetitive questions and don’t overload your leads with too many options. For you to entice your lead to complete your survey, keep in mind to make your questions simple, easy to read and uncomplicated.

Limit the use of matrix questions

If you don’t want to gather inaccurate results refrain from offering too many choices for possible answers as this can cause decision paralysis. When this happens, your respondents are more likely to skip if they can or click on anything just to move forward.

Avoid asking leading questions

Your questions might be easily dismissed if your prospects find them way too leading. Keep your initial questions open and you can just offer a detailed secondary question which focuses on the answers you really wanted to get.

Make the survey accessible on all channels

After making a purchase, some of your customers wouldn’t have the time to sit down and fill out a survey so try to find a way to ask for their email address where it can be sent for them to fill it out at their own leisure. Moreover, ensure that your survey will be scalable so that it can be easily accessed and easy to read for all kinds of devices.

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