Types of Interactive Content for Your Business

Types of Interactive Content for Your Business

As online marketing gets more concentrated and more competitive, making good content may not be sufficient. Aside from being visually appealing, the content should also be interesting and interactive. Something that your target customers would want to click. Interactive content is a great way to attract your target customers to participate and interact with you. Using interactive contents can produce a higher engagement rate. Even an average piece of interactive content has a higher chance of audience engagement than a good piece of conventional content. This fact makes digital marketing companies and content managers focusing towards creating funny, witty and informative content rather than a long article.

To help you in choosing the right content for your business, we have compiled some examples of the interactive content that are designed to generate leads.

1. Interactive Quizzes (or Polls)

Interactive Quizzes are one of the most used and recognised type of interactive content. Your quiz can be light-hearted and fun or can be a bit serious. These quizzes not only help you interact with target customers, but it also helps you with lead nurturing and helping your sales team gather information about your customers.

2. Interactive Videos

Videos come in different themes and styles. It can be webinars, Youtube videos or tutorials, and all these help with your business’ lead generation. However, you can add a few more things to make your videos interactive. Adding YouTube annotations lets you bounce around from one video to another or use tools that embed lead generation form in your videos. Another thing that you can do is offer a ‘content upgrade’ at the end.

3. Interactive Infographics

A highly aesthetic content will surely capture the attention of your customer. To add flare to the infographic you made, add digital widgets that your customers can play with. If you want a fancier version, why not choose to offer a personalised version. You can ask questions from the user and give them an infographic based on their answers.

4. Calculators

If you want to show your customers the pricing for your services but the pricing structure is too complex for a pricing table, put an interactive calculator on your website. This calculator can be used as a part of link magnet and lead generation tool.

5. Interactive Games

The thing about games is that they are most effective when used at the beginning of your customer’s journey. Did you know that a study even proved that games generate more leads than quizzes? Add games as part of the registration process!

6. Contests

Another familiar type of interactive content is contests. They are best used when you want to attract new customers and increase brand awareness. It requires input from the customers like photo contests or other user-generated contents. You get not only interaction with your customers but also their information.

These are just some of the few interactive contents that you can use for lead generation of your business. Make sure to choose the one most appropriate for your business so that you can make the most out of it.

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