We, in a fit of passion, very hastily undress each other, going to the bedroom. Here she is already lying on the bed, I get off my trousers and start kissing her. Suddenly, a girl stops me and asks me to take off my socks first.

What? Are you even normal? What socks? She repeats politely but insistently asking to get rid of long white Nikes (they were white and clean, don’t think of me badly), and I realize that I have no choice.

Next, I find that it turns out, to quickly pull off the socks in a state of exemplary erection is not such an easy task. Having kicked away this stumbling block, I went back to bed.

I cannot say that the requirement to get rid of socks somehow overshadowed further sex, but it made me think – what difference does it make? Globally, people undress before making love, because it is much nicer to touch with a hot body partner than with a cotton T-shirt. Also, it is not very hygienic (who knows where you sat your in these jeans), limits the scope of foreplay and expresses some distrust or embarrassment, because the person does not want you to see him naked.

But what’s in the way of socks?

I soon realized that I used to masturbate in my socks. I have a friend who can deal with self-satisfaction only after he is completely undone and into bed (and more scented candles will light up, and the curtains will be pulled). But I always thought he was more of a jerk than me.

At first, I was afraid to take Viagra from viaglad.com pharmacy because of high blood pressure, but it happened so it even dropped to 120/80. I didn’t like that my face was blushing strongly, but my alcohol turned my face red as well.

Studies, by the way, confirm that it is easier to achieve orgasm in socks than without them. In the Netherlands (and where else) at the University of Groningen conducted such an experiment: some married couples had sex in socks and some – without. So only 50% of spouses, whose legs remained unrepentant, were able to reach orgasm. And among couples who were lucky enough to flaunt their socks during sex, 80% of the study participants managed to achieve the goal.

They did not make love in some special socks of cotton with a mixture of cosmic dust. And it wasn’t even Gucci or Off-White. The simplest socks can keep your feet warm and improve your blood pressure. The better your vessels cope, the more confident and more likely your orgasm will be The more blood pours to the penis, the better the erection, and from this, it is good for all participants of the process.

This does not mean that now you have to make love exclusively in socks. Girls usually more than guys idealize intimacy and imagine sex aesthetic, delicate, and cinematic. Let’s say thank you for this porn industry – in these videos, men not only no socks but also the hair on the ass. Therefore, your companion may think that unbroken heels – it is barbaric.

Here’s what I’d do. Try masturbation in socks first, and the next day – without. If you notice a significant difference, fend off the girl’s request to undress to the heels by the fact that in these cotton armor, you wield a sword much more professional (but socks must be completely clean). But in the absence of a strong argument in favor of sex in socks, go to the girl to give in and get rid of them. After all, intimacy with a happy and joyful woman will be better than joy with your dishearten annoyed companion — also, another reason to go to the pedicure or at least rub the heels in the bathroom.