When it comes to digital marketing, everyone expects a quick sale. You put a post or advert up about your products or services, consumer visits your website

How Digital Marketing Works

Gone were the days when businesses can only promote and market their products through advertising in broadcast or print media. In this modern and fast-paced environment, digital marketing is the new trend which will definitely be around as long as the internet exists. Traditional marketing is still relevant, however, digital marketing yields higher ROI and is more effective and cost-efficient.

Disruptive technology is still shaking the market and with the rate of how innovations are accelerating, businesses should take a stance on preserving their brand or service and be relevant with the times. With the use of the internet being a primary medium for marketing, businesses can stay visible and engaged with their audience.

There are various strategies you can use to address the client’s needs when it comes to digital marketing. Each client is different, and therefore campaigns are generally tailored with this in mind. All of these strategies have a common goal, which is to reach their target audience. These strategies work closely together to be able to drive relevant traffic to the client’s business. Furthermore, digital marketing can also convert a one-time visitor into a returning customer. To be able to achieve success in marketing a certain business online, a well-structured campaign is very important.

To understand well how you can maximise the use of digital marketing, here are some of the elements used in this medium to help market the company’s products and services:

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

This is one of the most popular tools in digital marketing. Search Engine Optimisation, or SEO,helps improve the ranking of a client’s website and make it on top of the search engines. SEO specialists have to make sure that they are updated with the changing algorithms and be familiar with keyword trends to guarantee the client’s high rank and traffic.

Social Media

This strategy is becoming one of the most popular elements in digital marketing. It makes use of popular social media sites to promote and market a business. These sites include Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Google+, Youtube, and LinkedIn. One of the plus factors of this method is the possibility to track the ROI and engagement through these sites. The company or the brand can monitor their followers and the amount of engagement they have with them. Businesses can see how many people commented on their page or a particular post and they can know what are the customer’s thoughts about their niche, product, or service. Aside from that, it can also keep them updated on the latest trends in the market. Having social media accounts provides great advantage since it offers an open platform and allows the audience to engage actively with the company or brand.

Online Press Releases

The online press releases strategy is just like the traditional business newspaper ad, only that it distributes its marketing copies online, which would mean a larger audience. Press releases are online publications carefully written and optimised then distributed to different niche websites that are parallel to what the brand has to offer. These write-ups are written by professional journalists or copywriters who write contents to be able to help the business gain exposure for the brand.

Digital Advertising

Because everything is mostly done online, it is imperative that businesses promote a product or service online. This is how digital advertising works. Google Adwords makes use of keyword research and data to be able to create ads that can be banners, texts, or even image-based. Since Facebook is very popular these days, most brands advertise using it. Businesses or brands can target a specific age group, gender, and those sharing the same interests.


7 Types of Interactive Content

Gone are the days when website contents were just pure, plain text. Nowadays, people are more fascinated with online stuff that requires their immediate response or those that make them feel involved. Thus, the birth of interactive contents.

Interactive content is the type of web content that requires the users’ or participants’ active engagement instead of just simply watching or reading. Through engaging in the post or posts, the participants receive real-time, hyper-relevant results that they actually care about or highly interest them. Interactive content helps facilitate better interaction between the author or content creator and his/her audience.

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The 7 worst mistakes when building an interactive calculator

Top 7 marketing mistakes when building an interactive calculator

An interactive calculator can be an extremely effective lead magnet when done right. Calculators are great for educating your audience as well as converting leads. But done wrong it can be a complete waste of time. We bring you the top 7 marketing mistakes when building an interactive calculator and how to fix them.

The first mistake usually takes people by surprise…

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Choose HTML or a platform when building an interactive calculator

I need an interactive calculator – hardcoding or platform?

So you decided an interactive calculator is perfectly suited for your lead generation or your MQL to SQL conversion. The question is – should you hardcode the calculator with HTML or choose a platform to build it.

Naturally we’re somewhat biased when it comes to this question as we offer our LeadDoubler platform to marketers wanting an interactive calculator. But I’m going to try to be as neutral as possible when I lay out arguments in favor of choosing a platform.

Here are the three major deciders when choosing your build.

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Top tips to turn your blog into the ultimate business lead generator

The process of blogging has become a prominent aspect of modern society. In a personal sense, so many of us love spending time reading about the lives of other people and will rely on their advice and endorsements when making certain everyday decisions. In the business world, the effective use of a blog could work in exactly the same way, significantly driving traffic to your company website through the content presented, and subsequently increasing potential customer leads as a result.

  1. Calls to action are your bread and butter

Having a great blog article is pretty much useless if you fail to include a call to action at some point. This can be positioned at the beginning, or end of the piece, and offers the opportunity to click through to a separate webpage based on related content. This could be a news article that discusses your article topic in detail, however, we strongly advise that you include a link to your homepage or contact page for maximum efficacy.

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