When it comes to digital marketing, everyone expects a quick sale. You put a post or advert up about your products or services, consumer visits your website


5 Reasons why lead generation and content marketing are vital tools for your business

When running a business, the consistent priority is to sell your products and services to a targeted demographic. But what happens when your traditional sales techniques start to lose impact? Lead generation is a process used to organically engage and attract audiences to the products and services offered by a business. This is traditionally done through methods of content marketing and SEO. Here are 5 key reasons why lead generation through content marketing is a vital tool for any business looking to increase sales, and overpower the competitor.

  1. Increase audience reach and sales

A ‘lead’ refers to a company or individual that expresses an interest in the product or services that your business provides. By including methods of lead generation in your marketing strategy, you are more likely to increase your audience reach, which will subsequently increase overall sales for your business. When it comes to content marketing, it is also important to encourage multiple content forms to increase your business demographic. This can include the use of infographics, animation, surveys, and ‘knockout round’ quizzes. The conversion rate of customer interest to sales is, therefore, directly proportionate to the size of the audience that is engaging with this content.

A 2013 report by the CMO Council found that 87 percent of B2B buyers were more likely to make purchases based on the online content available. In modern business, in which companies and consumers rely so heavily on all that the internet has to offer, it has never been more crucial to embrace it.

  1. Allows you to embrace new marketing strategies

The nature of business is changing every day, and it’s important to keep up with key business strategies to avoid falling behind your competitors. The way to achieve this is by keeping up with relevant marketing strategies. Understanding the most recent and effective marketing strategies will help to engage your target audience and increase potential customer leads.

  1. Encourage the use of new technologies

As new technology and systems are released, so too do lead generation techniques change to maximise the appeal to target audiences. This is most evident through the use of social media. Companies regularly employ Facebook quizzes and social media surveys to appeal to potential customers as they understand it’s influence in the modern world. Facebook, for example, has over 100 million users, therefore if any interactive content is used by your followers there is also the potential that they’re friends, and friends of friends will also see the content.

  1. More cost-effective than traditional advertising.

Advertising can be extremely expensive to outsource, and while it will reach a larger audience, it can’t always be relied upon to engage your audience and convert them to potential customers. Lead generation focuses on promoting your content and finding ways to encourage audience engagement. While you may reach a much wider audience through traditional advertising measures such as newspaper, television, and radio adverts, you are more likely to convert ‘clicks’ to customer enquiries through lead generation and content marketing. The cost-per-lead is, therefore, likely to be higher through lead generation methods.

  1. Easy to outsource

Lead generation is now a prominent field of audience engagement and content marketing, which means that it is very easy to outsource this task to a specialist firm. They will help to create the relevant content and provide you with the necessary tools to reach out to your target demographic and generate potential leads. This will also save you the time and money to train individual members of staff, which means you can focus on what really matters to your business.

The team at LeadDoubler are specialists in creating easy, effective, and secure interactive content to help improve the lead generation of your company. Visit our website to discover how our handy software could help increase customer interest, and increase overall lead generation for your business.


Embrace all elements of SEO to give your business the competitive edge

SEO, otherwise known as search engine optimisation, seeks to improve the search engine rankings of a website, ensuring it can be found through multiple searches based on the repeated use of relevant words or phrases in digital content. The overall outcome of SEO is to increase the online visibility of a particular business. This is done by driving traffic to their webpage or social media account and subsequently increase client interest in your services.

This purpose alone has thrust SEO to the forefront of marketing tactics in business, particularly as there is so much reliance nowadays on online accessibility to reach as broad an audience as possible. As with any other method rooted in technology, development is consistent, and you need to ensure that your business embraces these modernisations to maintain growth and productivity.

Traditional content vs. Interactive content

The purpose of content is to visually engage your target audience while communicating vital information about your business. This is otherwise known as content marketing and is now a key component of SEO. Content is developed based on specific keywords, and phrases, that would then be searched by potential clients. The more relevant the keywords, the more your business will be visible through search engines.

While keywords are vital in getting your content noticed, the quality of the content itself will engage your audience, creating the leads your business needs to thrive and progress.

For the purpose of this article, we’ll be separating content into two specific categories. The first could be seen as ‘traditional content’, comprising of your business webpage, informative videos or podcasts, statistically driven infographics, and blog articles based on topics of interest in your industry. Traditional content can also extend to printed communications; however, these will, obviously, not show up on internet search engines.

Traditional content is static, and while it effectively conveys the necessary information, and contains the keywords that improve SEO rankings, it can sometimes struggle to engage its readers. The arrival of interactive content can now prevent this from happening. Not only is interactive content useful in SEO terms, including the relevant keywords to boost search engine visibility, but it also requires direct input from viewers automatically increasing their engagement and interest level. This can be done through adjustable calculators, surveys, quizzes, and even layering interactive features over static content like infographics, digital brochures, and white pages.

Master social media

SEO and social media marketing go hand-in-hand, despite what you might believe. The content you produce could expand the reach of your social media presence, while increased social media popularity will ultimately convert to website traffic through search ranking improvement.

Social media can be an excellent way to highlight content that you’ve already created through external inbound links, which will increase the possibility of social sharing, and ultimately a better awareness of your brand. Posts can also include relevant keywords that relate to potential user searches. By utilising interactive surveys and quizzes, you will be engaging audiences further, helping you to gather feedback and insights into potential clients and demographics. The key to social media marketing is ensuring that you are consistently increasing public interest through a growing following. Maintaining accounts across multiple social media platforms, with regular and insightful posts, will not only engage and inform audiences but will also increase the reach of your business which will result in more website traffic and client leads.

LeadDoubler offers easy and effective interactive content to ensure you are able to convert website visitors into potential client leads. Our systems are fast and secure, creating content that is engaging and informative, which will give your website the necessary refresh that will improve your SEO rankings. This will result in a noticeable increase in website traffic, and a subsequent surge in client leads. Start your free trial today to see how interactive content could benefit your business leads.

Interactive content & b2c lead generation

How could interactive content improve your online presence?

With any business, old or new, your online presence has become a critical factor in ensuring that potential customers can engage and invest in your services. It’s important, therefore that you are incorporating dynamic content to keep your customers interested.

Interactive content is, essentially, content that requires active participation from the user directly. Not only could this create a more interesting webpage in comparison to static sites (with only readable or viewable content), but it could significantly improve your overall online presence and your ability to generate customer leads.

Interactive options to suit you

If you believe that interactive content could be the key to improving your online presence, and generating customer leads, there are multiple options you could seek to include. Whilst we’ve written about these options previously, here’s a short break down to remind you of what is available.

Customer assessments require a series of questions to be completed by customers before they are sorted into a particular category. This can then provide users with content best applicable to them, whilst you can log important customer information.

Calculators generate individual numerical results for the user, dependent on certain values that they input. Banking websites use this form of interactive content frequently, particularly with mortgage and finance calculators, however they can be built around a number of factors.

Trivia style quizzes are excellent on web-pages and social media, and offer a scored output based on the number of correct or incorrect answers entered.

For a better way to generate customer feedback, polls and surveys can offer a simple solution, and work well on social media sites.

Bracket interactive content requires customers to predict the outcome of a game or event, based on a round-by-round scenario, similar to a knockout tournament.

Engage your audience for improved customer experience

Static websites can often leave potential customers bored and uninspired, which could mean they leave your webpage quickly without engaging with the primary content presented. By incorporating interactive content customers are encouraged to, quite literally, interact with the content presented – whether it’s a poll, quiz or calculator. Humans hold the natural instinct and desire to test themselves and try new things, and taking part in a quiz or assessment could reveal previously unknown information about themselves.

If customers are able to engage more actively with your content their overall experience will improve, improving your online presence and generating multiple new customer leads.

Providing you with valuable customer insight

The addition of this content does provide tailored information to suit the customer that utilises it, but in reality there is value for both sides. This use of this content can provide your business with vital information about the customer that can subsequently be translated into your marketing strategy. This can generate important customer leads, and help to guide customers down a particular route in accordance with their identified wants and goals.

Can adapt to any strategy or marketing program

Interactive content can quite easily be created or adapted for any marketing strategy or programme, making it an extremely diverse and straightforward solution to increasing customer interest in your business, and improving your online presence and content. When planning an event interactive content can help to garner an understanding of what guests hope to see included. The use of quiz, assessment and bracket content could add an important social aspect to your online content, as participants can engage with one another to compare groupings and results.

Lead Doubler offers practical solutions that allow you to seamlessly incorporate interactive content to your current webpage, social media or blog site, resulting in a noticeable increase in customer lead generation, and improvement of your online presence. For more information about how interactive content could benefit your business, and the various options available, visit our website today.

Leaddoubler Programmer

4 reasons why static websites are losing impact

No matter how much time and money you use to create your smart new website, if it’s a static brochure or shop front, it could well be sitting on the side lines, unvisited – which means it is failing miserably at bringing you a good rate of return on your investment.

Creating a dynamic website with interactive content maximises the potential of your site to achieve your business aims, and it doesn’t have to be as daunting as it sounds.

Why are static websites becoming less valid?

1. Static websites limit SEO

SEO and social media are closely interwoven with website performance and dynamic content. If you have a static website, you will be waiting for the Google ‘spiders’ to visit periodically to assess and re-index your content.

Interactive content on a website, on the other hand, alerts Google to the need to re-assess and potentially improve your ranking in search engines.

A static website also makes it harder to create a strategy for your social media campaigns. Your ever-changing site content and your customer-orientated social media posts should be orchestrated. They should be themed and controlled to drive customer traffic to and from your website.

2. Limited customer experience options

Static websites also limit customer experience potential. Research has shown that people usually look at your website for 10–20 seconds. Then they are gone.

If you can offer a clear value – and interactive tools to entice them to linger for several minutes – you are far more likely to hold their attention. Within that first 10 seconds, you have to give them an instantly recognisable reason to stay on your website.

An inert website – or one that is rarely updated – will struggle, and certainly won’t bring them back for more!

Being able to recognise something of value (something of significance to them) not only engages your potential and existing customers, it also makes them feel more connected to your company too. Providing digital tools – such as an interactive calculator – goes a long way to enhancing their customer experience.

3. Static sites can waste time

One of the biggest reasons why companies chose to keep their websites simple – and inert – is the belief they are saving time that way.

It could be they don’t have the capacity or skills to run a dynamic site that has lead generation features built in. So, it’s easier to wait for potential customers to email or telephone, right?

The view that a simple website reduces the hassle factor could be misleading. Making changes to a static site can be laborious and costly as it usually involves working with the original web developer. One small alteration could put you in a queue, and clock up considerable minimum fees. That wait could have a detrimental knock-on effect for your business.

Creating a website with the right functionality and flexibility in the first instance could well mean spending less hours and fees on tweaking and updating a static website.

4. Going for the easy option

Companies sometimes take the line of least resistance in creating a static brochure or shop front website, avoiding bells and whistles for fear of over-stretching their IT abilities. But dynamic websites with interactive features don’t need to be monsters that eat your precious time or keep you awake at night, as long as they are properly integrated with your existing systems and software and are created to meet your specific business needs.

LeadDoubler technology is the perfect example of how companies with limited IT experience can create interactive website content. The software will be integrated with existing digital tools and systems so that it works seamlessly with your IT. On top of that, a wealth of support is available. Contact us today to get your website moving in the right direction.


The importance of lead generation

For every business that works to generate a profit, a critical aim is to increase sales and turnover year on year. One of the joint responsibilities of the marketing and sales departments is to highlight potential new business leads and to convert these prospective customers into paying customers.

A ‘lead’ is someone who has shown an interest in the product or services your business has to offer and this applies to both B2C and B2B markets. Within a B2C context, leads can be sources through cookies on your website, or new subscribers to your mailing list. Most B2C companies have an eCommerce platform, which allows you to sell directly to customers. A great way to convert potential leads for B2C companies is to re-market the exact product the person has been looking at, in a banner advert on another site, or if possible, send them an email directly offering a discount on their first order.

For B2B companies, who don’t often have an eCommerce offering, especially if they are a service business, lead generation online is slightly more complex but equally as important. Below we’ve detailed why lead generation is so important, focusing on a B2B market.

Why is lead generation important?

Firstly you need to generate leads. With no warm leads to action, your sales team will find their time pretty unproductive. One of the best ways that a B2B business can increase the volume of leads they generate is to create interactive content online to attract potential new customers in. If you’re offering customers a service, it isn’t always something you can remarket on other sites in the same way you can a product.

How do you increase lead generation?

Interactive content in the form of quizzes is a great way to engage your prospective customer on your site. Requesting their email address in return for their answers is a really easy way to generate useful lead information online. Making your quiz fun and lighthearted will also give your potential customer an opportunity to switch off from their day job for a few minutes, which might even go as far as helping them warm to your business.

Two-stage lead generation

Getting the first stage of lead generation right comes in two steps. Firstly, you need to find a way of recording tangible, useable data from the person – such as an email address – and secondly, you need to ensure that their first impression of your business is positive, leaving them with a favourable impression of your brand. As most sales are closed after the fifth piece of contact, consider this first step your handshake to introduce yourself in the best possible light.

What can effective lead generation help you to achieve?

Businesses who have an effective lead generation system can find their revenue increases up to 130% better than a company who doesn’t invest in lead generation.* So it is imperative if you are serious about increasing your revenue that you invest in the tools and systems you need to convert visitors on your site into potential leads.

Now more than ever lead generation is key

In today’s digital world, people can scope out products or services they’re interested in online before they make a purchase. Previously enquiries would’ve been made in person in a shop, or over the phone, but with the advent of social and digital media, this personal interaction has been lost. As a result, the opportunity to close a sale has decreased. This has made it more important than ever for businesses to ensure they are generating high-quality leads which can be converted into sales.

For more information about how Lead Doubler can help you create engaging, interactive content to increase the number of leads you generate, get in touch today!